“Strategy is simply, resource allocation.  When you strip away all the noise, that’s what it comes down to. Strategy means making clear cut choices about how to compete.  You cannot be everything to everybody, no matter what the size of your business or how deep its pockets.”​


- Jack Welch


We are in this business to make you successful. Strategy, Execution and Value. There are too many businesses that have solid, well-thought-out strategies that sit in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. Executing on Strategy effectively and measuring what matters drives the value. We start with your business strategy, align technology strategy, and create a roadmap that gets your business value.




Wayahead Technology is a leading provider of strategic consulting services and cutting-edge technologies, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. At each step driving value.


Our experienced global team have delivered innovative solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.

We're passionate about execution and driving success and not about billable hours and project sizes, through true partnerships with our clients we all win!




Build a technology strategy aligned to your business drivers and strategy

Bring a complete toolset to the table to deliver the most effective solution to solve your business problems

We assemble the strongest team of experts in their respective fields into a virtual team with local delivery leaders

Through a blended global team we optimize solution delivery costs

We leverage open source technology to reduce run costs and facilitate ownership of IP



Technology is changing and evolving rapidly, gone are the days of Java versus .Net. We’re in a world where cloud and hybrid ecosystems enable advanced technology solutions to be delivered cost-effectively.

Many technology providers evolved from a specialized skillset, they were good at one thing. Businesses demand a variety of skills and as a result, solution providers struggle to diversify

If the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem is a nail. In order to deliver effective solutions, you need multidisciplinary teams.

Our goal is to deliver effective solutions using the latest, proven technology and restore clients faith in technology’s ability to deliver value.




Mortgage - 

- eMortgage solutions 
- Closed Loan due diligence 
- Operational elasticity 
- Computer vision based Signature detection of Loan Package
- Computer vision based Appraisal Audit 
- Borrower self service and case management
- Workflow and cross functional orchestration

Banking and Insurance - 

- Anti Money Laundering Analysis and Automation

- Know your Customer - 360 and 24/7

- Claims Processing system and Automation

- Computer Vision-based signature detection of Loan Package

- Computer Vision-based Appraisal Audit

Healthcare - 

- Tele-med Solutions

- Real-time Healthcare Analytics

- Internet of Things (IOT) Control Centre for medical device management and control

- Uber Care to bring care to the patient

- Solution for long-term care facilities

Voice First Solutions for Seniors and Elders

Legal - 

- Document Classification and Understanding

- Document Retrieval Using Deep Neural Networks

- Case management and process automation

- Paralegal support automation

Please send us an email at info@wayaheadtechnology.com to discuss these use cases and your special needs that we can assist




With a proven methodology, experienced team and industry knowledge we create and execute on a technology roadmap aligned with your business strategy. In any of the following Expertise Domains we can bring to you

SERVICES – Staff Augmentation, Time and Material OR Fixed Bid

SOLUTIONS – Bring reusable components and 80% solutions to let you customize and fit into your technology strategy

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Build product by leveraging open source technology and domain expertise

AI Solutions

- Internet of Things (IOT)

- Data Entry Automation 

- Process Automation  

- Decision Automation

- Expert Systems

Cloud Migration

- Strategy

- Application Readiness Assessment

- Remediation Execution

- Migration Support

Hyper Automation

- Ingestion engines/Advanced OCR/CV

- Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  

- Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

- Workflows

- Advanced Analytics

Strategic Consulting

- Strategy Development

- Organizational/Program Assessments

- Technology Evaluations

- Risk Assessments

Digital Transformation

- Transformation Strategy

- Enterprise Technology Assessment

- Technology Roadmap

- Execution Support

- Enablement & Adoption

UX Driven App Dev

- Advanced UI & UX

- Mobile and App Development  

- Enterprise Application Development

- Quality, Testing & QA Automation

- Application Support and Managed Services




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